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Data Link Computer Service, Inc. in ExchangeSystem.net

Data Link Computer Service, Inc.
Data Link Computer Service, Inc.
Data Link Computer Service, Inc. has been delivering technology assurance solutions to leading companies since 1994. Our segment of the IT industry is often referred to as Independent Service Provider (ISP) or Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) company. Customers and major equipment manufacturers know us as their Business Equipment Service and Technology (BEST) partner. Our expertise is with IT backbone infrastructure running legacy UNIX® to the latest Linux and Microsoft® OS to support mission-critical business processes. Some Customer environments align to a single manufacturer. Most are heterogeneous, multi-vendor, multi-platform infrastructures. Our forte is equipment uptime, and our reputation one of unmatched value. Our ''wall to wall'' services tailored to customer-specific needs cover remote Technical and On-Site Support, Spare Parts Logistics, Self Maintenance Programs, System Upgrades, Systems and Parts Brokerage, and Technical Training. Serving customers throughout North America, Data Link is headquartered in Westampton, New Jersey with a growing number of direct regional offices. Our 20,000-square-foot headquarters facility, convenient to airports serving Philadelphia and New York City, houses corporate offices and major technical support centers, equipment-testing laboratories, data centers, repair depot, and spare-parts warehouse.

Data Link Computer Service, Inc.
Westampton New Jersey

Contact : Stephen Gifford
Contact : Stephen Gifford
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