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J & B Computer Maintenance Inc. in ExchangeSystem.net

J & B Computer Maintenance Inc.
J & B Computer Maintenance Inc.
J&B is a company that caters to its customers’ needs. Our motto is “Compelled to Excel”. Our goal is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our product is “Service”. Our culture of “People First” and the “Spirit of Team Work” is reflected in every job we do. The following is a listing of major areas of support that J&B provides to facilitate our service goal: On-Site Maintenance—J&B provides on-site maintenance service for computers and computer related equipment. In addition to PC's, servers, laptops and printers, we have over 40 years experience maintaining/repairing 3270 equipment (terminals, printers, controllers, Mux’s, etc.) manufactured by companies such as ITT Courier, IBM, Memorex and Telex. This service can be tailored to the customers needs and can vary from “Total Care” to “Time and Material”. With “Total Care”, J&B provides periodic virus updates, scheduled hardware P.M, and a two hour response time with whole unit spare support. In effect, “Total Care” provides for J&B to take care of the systems allowing the customer to take care of the business. With “Time and Material” J&B provides a six hour response time. With this approach, the equipment is fixed when it breaks. Repair Depot—J&B provides a component level depot repair service for equipment that cannot be practically repaired on-site and to support those customers that wish to drop their equipment off or send it in for repair. We are also a warranty repair facility for Okidata. Managed Inventory—J&B provides a managed inventory service for those customers that have the technical ability, spares and the personnel to maintain their own equipment but need to have their failed spares repaired and shipped to various locations. J&B will work with the customer to establish sparing levels, then repair, stock and monitor their inventory levels. When there is an equipment failure, J&B will P1 ship (next day delivery) the spare part to the customer’s location. Sales—J&B is an authorized reseller for such prestigious companies as Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Lexmark, Okidata, Viewsonic, Acer, APC, Wyse and Canon. We sell new equipment and used equipment that has been refurbished in our repair facility. Network Installation—J&B can provide complete network installation service for those customers requiring assistance. We can provide engineering support to define and document the network requirements, pull and test the voice and data cables, configure and install the wiring closet, install and connect the servers and workstations on the network and maintain the network. Our technicians are certified and very knowledgeable on CAT3, CAT5e and CAT6. We handle both cable and fiber optics for commercial and structured wiring environments and can provide moves and changes on your voice and data lines.

J & B Computer Maintenance Inc.
Houston Texas

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