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Mountain Electronics Recycling in ExchangeSystem.net

Mountain Electronics Recycling
Mountain Electronics Recycling
Mountain Electronics Recycling specializes in the environmentally correct recycling of e-waste for Denver, the Front Range and all of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. Electronics Waste Disposition is an ever-growing problem in Colorado and all over the United States. Let us take care of this critical need for your business. We can properly dispose of your computers, monitors, phone equipment, televisions and all manner of electronic waste. Mountain Electronics Recycling will provide you with all of the correct paperwork to insure your business is properly protected in regards to the disposition of your e-waste. We are certified in the State of Colorado as a Large Quantity Handlers of Universal Waste. Colorado EPA ID#: COR20008769. We will provide your company with a copy of our letter from the state as well as a Certificate of Recycling indemnifying your company of any liability for the final disposition of it's e-waste. In addition to proper recycling of your e-waste, Mountain Electronics Recycling can also aid you in the disposition of your company’s surplus items. We have a nationwide network that allows us to purchase your surplus at above scrap value. This is yet another way that Mountain Electronics Recycling can handle your Electronics recycling needs. Please call and ask for Morgan Smith or Chris Meredith. We look forward to speaking with you. We can send you additional information or stop by your facility for a free estimate.

Mountain Electronics Recycling
Denver Colorado

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