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Rega International Exports Llp in ExchangeSystem.net

Rega International Exports Llp
Rega International Exports Llp
The modern paper mill needs to provide quality products, optimize production rates, and increase production efficiency hence most of the aspects of the finished paper relies on the sourcing & supply of the recycled paper. Rega International Exports LLP have a crucial role to play like door to door services in the paper industry right from the supplier of waste paper to the manufacturer of the finished paper goods. We can purchase waste paper in bales, pallets and in the form of reels from Europe, USA, UK & Middle East and supply you irrespective of the Quantity. Our basic mantra is Sourcing & Supplying Recycled Paper at a competitive pricing to the Paper Mills within a shortest possible time Our quality and services have gained us the reputation of being a trustworthy supplier. Rega International Exports LLP is proud to have become one of the most preferred suppliers by many leading paper mills in all the countries we export.

Rega International Exports Llp
Mumbai Maharashtra

Contact : Reshma Sawant
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