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Opeq (Ordinateurs Pour Les Ecoles Du Quebec) in ExchangeSystem.net

Opeq (Ordinateurs Pour Les Ecoles Du Quebec)
Since 1998, OPEQ (Computers for Schools Quebec) has been a leader in the reuse of electronic equipment. We offer a turnkey solution for managing your computers, monitors and printer: - Free pick-up of your equipment by an accredited carrier (minimum of 15 devices) - Protection and confidentiality of your information. Wiping data from your hard drives with software approved by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) - Eco-friendly recycling. Recycling of obsolete equipment as per ongoing environmental standards. - Tax receipt. Obtain an official donation receipt for income tax purposes at market value (of reusable equipment) Our call center will first dispatch your donated equipment to our Montreal or Quebec sorting centers for evaluation. After which, the equipment deemed worthy will be transferred to one of our six affiliated workshops across the province to be conditioned for their second life! Along with its environmental mission, OPEQ carries a social mission where more than 1,000 youngsters have gained work experience or received support for social integration.Visit our website for details. We can only accept request from the province of Québec.

Opeq (Ordinateurs Pour Les Ecoles Du Quebec)
Montreal Quebec

Contact : Francois Labbe
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