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Amit Recycling in ExchangeSystem.net

Amit Recycling
AMIT Recycling Solutions, Inc. is a privately held company with extensive experience in providing asset liquidation and recycling resolutions for surplus IT, Telecomm, Lab, Medical and all other types of electronic equipment. Our goal is to offer environmentally friendly solutions to organizations large and small for proper disposal of obsolete equipment and offer top dollar for equipment still having market value. Our asset recovery program allows organizations to maximize profits on used and expendable equipment by freeing up capital and valuable space. Our highly trained staff will assess and evaluate your surplus equipment and provide your organization maximum value for surplus technology assets. AMIT Recycling Solutions, Inc. makes the asset recovery process cost effective and hassle free. Having a high volume recycling facilities allows us to efficiently remove, dismantle and separate all equipment for companies of any size. Clientele ranges from small office operations to hospitals and universities. No job is too big or too small. Our company provides a full service solution for securing your confidential data. We understand the sensitivity and value of information and can design a program to protect you and your clients. Our Data Destruction Services completely destroys all confidential information from: Hard Drives Data Storage Devices Back-up Tapes All magnetic media Diskettes CD-ROMs DVD's AMIT Recycling Solutions, INC. is dedicated to provide recycling resolutions for companies who believe in the sustainability of our environment and the future of our planet. We pride ourselves on bringing our clients the right solutions to meet their needs.

Amit Recycling
Essex Maryland

Contact : Felix Karlishev
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