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UNICOR, Federal Prison Industries, Inc (Florida) in ExchangeSystem.net

UNICOR, Federal Prison Industries, Inc (Florida)
UNICOR, Federal Prison Industries, Inc (Florida)
Computer/Electronics Recycling Program Since 1994, UNICOR has become one of the premier electronics recyclers in the country. UNICOR accepts computers, electronics equipment or peripherals, obsolete electrical items, ferrous and nonferrous metals. UNICOR accepts material from state and federal government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, schools, private companies and private citizens. All seven of UNICORís recycling facilities operate nationwide and are in accordance with both, the letter and spirit of all applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulations, OSHA and EPA standards. Facilities are located in: Tucson, AZ- Atwater, CA- Texarkana, TX- Marianna, FL- Ft. Dix, NJ- Elkton, OH- and Lewisburg, PA.

UNICOR, Federal Prison Industries, Inc (Florida)
Marianna Florida

Contact : Drew Short
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