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Intercon Solutions in ExchangeSystem.net

Intercon Solutions
Intercon Solutions is an international ISO 14001 certified electronics recycling company with locations nationwide specializing in end-of-life electronics, telecommunications equipment, and computer equipment with the ability to accommodate any manufacturing scrap or surplus materials. We de-manufacture and recycle all materials coming into our facility for their raw material value, i.e. plastic and metals, with a zero-tolerance policy for landfills. Since Intercon Solutions is not a reseller, no materials will end up in secondary market places or exported. We provide the assurance that your company will stay at the forefront of the most recent government/global regulations and concerns. Furthermore, we guarantee complete security of all proprietary information and equipment. Intercon Solutions is a National Association for Information Destruction approved recycler that abides by all Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act laws and regulations. Certificates of Recycling are sent to you within a few weeks after your materials enter our facility.

We can coordinate prompt “on demand” logistical services anywhere in the world. Doing business with Intercon Solutions means that you are dealing with the leader in our industry. Intercon can assist you to utilize prudent and rational management of natural resources. We will protect your environmental liability, your data, and the future of our earth.

Intercon Solutions
Chicago Heights Illinois

Contact : Nick Erickson
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