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Creative Recycling Systems in ExchangeSystem.net

Creative Recycling Systems
Creative Recycling Systems
Provide private and public sector clients with electronic recycling solutions that represent a viable, economical alternative to environmental contamination. From modest beginnings, we now maintain sophisticated facilities in the southeastern United States, designed to recycle and reuse an ever-growing array of electronic equipment in a manner that is economically feasible and environmentally responsible. Among the obsolete, surplus or end-of-life products we handle are: Computers (PCs and mainframes, Telecommunications Equipment (PBX, switching equipment, telephones, etc.), Banking and Financial Equipment (ATMs, POS, check processing, etc.), Consumer Electronic Equipment (computers, televisions, monitors, cell phones, etc.), and Electronic Components (integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.)

Creative Recycling Systems
Tampa Florida

Contact : Brian Diesselhorst
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