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Andela Products Ltd. in ExchangeSystem.net

Andela Products Ltd.
Andela Products Ltd.

Pulverizing Machines and Complete Systems for the Recycling Industry

Andela Products, Ltd. is dedicated to recycling glass around the world We have been offering the solution...before anyone asked the question.

It doesn't need to cost time and money to recycle glass. You'll save substantial amounts of both with The Andela Glass Pulverizer System. Our compact, cost-effective turn-key system turns large volumes of glass into ''sand'' and no one needs to touch the glass!

Andela offers complete loading, pulverizing and screening systems. One person can operate the entire system. The finished glass sand is clean, safe to handle, and ready to use in your own community.

Cut the cost of shipping your glass to distance markets, the market for your glass is right next door. Communities are using the glass to cover driveways: mix with sand and gravel for road projects: as pipe bedding, filtration and drainage aggregate: and in many other local applications.

Our pulverizer system, which is in place and running everyday at recycling facilities around the world, is designed for reliability. The pulverizer's patented, flexible impact mechanism reduces glass and other breakable material without shredding plastic, metal or paper. This selective reduction feature produces a clean glass aggregate, separate from the larger plastics, metal and paper material..

Original Manufacturer of Pulverizers, Breakers, Trommel Screens, Hoppers, Conveyors and Complete Systems
Original Manufacturer of Separation Systems for Commingled Containers
Original Manufacturer of Pulverizing Machines for Auto-Windshield Glass Recycling
Original Manufacturer of Pulverizing Machines for Gypsum Board Recycling
Original Manufacturer of Systems for CRT/VDT/TV Recycling

Andela Products Ltd.
Richfield Springs New York

Contact : Cynthia Andela
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