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International CARE Electronics Office in ExchangeSystem.net

International CARE Electronics Office
International CARE Electronics Office
CARE Electronics (CARE means Comprehensive Approach for the Recycling and Eco-efficiency) is a voluntary, international and environmental R&D network within the EUREKA framework. The strategic goal of CARE Electronics is the stimulation of environmental projects among the partners. At the moment approximately 60 organisations are supporting this umbrella among them are 3M, IBM, Fujitsu Services, Motorola, NOKIA, Philips, Siemens, SONY, ... CARE Electronics has set itself the goal to promote recycling, re-use and the whole environmental performance of electronic products. It aims at taking the whole life cycle of the product into consideration and to establish a distributed standardised system for information exchange between producers, distributors, resellers and all possible other participants in the life cycle of electronic products.

International CARE Electronics Office
Vienna Vienna

Contact : Bernd Kopacek
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