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Texas Green Giant in ExchangeSystem.net

Texas Green Giant
Texas Green Giant (TGG) is an IT asset specialist and reseller of used IT equipment. We are based near Houston, Texas and refurbish and wholesale all our products from the facility. We are an R2/ ISO and inc5000 company. We have been regularly selling used laptops ranging from C2D to Core i series. We are selling most products on monthly basis. TGG has been wholesaling to clients across Asia, Middle East and South America. We take pride in our repetitive customers who are satisfied with our products and our services. We have products ranging from laptops to keyboards. We offer various brands with detailed condition for all our used computers. Products such as laptops and PCs are sold based on the audited list. Our company goal is to sell products at market value and meet our clients demand with quality and service at excellence. TGG is ready to partner with you on all your buying requirements. We recommend that you contact us to obtain list of our inventory. We will be able to discuss all your concerns and questions. In most cases, we expect to be offered prices on all our products in order to maximize the best market value.

Texas Green Giant
Stafford Texas

Contact : Shan Momin
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