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Intech Asset Recycling LLC in ExchangeSystem.net

Intech Asset Recycling LLC
Intech Asset Recovery LLC management offers economical alternatives for safe and responsible disposal of unwanted IT equipment. Our conprenhensive resale and disposal solutions provide customers with the financial benefits of selling existing computers without getting involved with the logistics or complexities of the second hand market. We even offer the optional service of de-installation, data destruction and on-site auditing on everything from workstations to Enterprise-class servers. If you want to avoid the hassle and potential damage associated with packing and shipping your items, we offer transportation and packaging services at your location for an end-to-end solution. Through our global network of remarketers, brokers and retail sales channels we work to obtain the highest possible value for your un-required & surplus IT assets.

Intech Asset Recycling LLC
Sarasota Florida

Contact : Jasmin Mekanovic
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