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Jet Cartridge (I) Pvt. Ltd in ExchangeSystem.net

Jet Cartridge (I) Pvt. Ltd
Jet Cartridge (I) Pvt. Ltd
Our Entire process of recycling is done through Automated Machines, which is being operated by technically skilled staff. Hence, the high quality of our products is the result of four stringent quality control process and intensive testing standards. Ink Jet Cartridges Not all inks are created equal. Jet Special Brand inkjet cartridges are formulated with the correct mix of lubricating solvents to protect & prolong the life of your printer head. Our quick drying inks have been engineered specifically to give you True Photo results, while our black dye inks produce sharp text and images on all types of paper. Always looking for new innovations, we work in synergy with manufacturers of printers and media. This collaboration results in perfect matching that guaranteed high resolution, vibrant colors, high contrast and friction resistance. Along with superior resistance to bleeding and smudging on all media types, our inkjet cartridges are the right choice for getting peak performance and lasting productivity from your inkjet printer. Laser Jet Cartridges Jet Special laser cartridges bring ideas to life on the page with crisp clarity, first time, every time. Our cartridges contain more than just a toner. The cartridge contains 70% of the imagining systems, which is fully 100% replaced by JCIPL.Components used are of Top quality for achieving high performance printouts. Since Cartridge is the central piece [Heart] of a printer. At JCIPL all cartridges are develop looking at Environment & Needs of Market. Printouts are of Darker, Sharper & Crisper quality over the life of printer cartridge. In addition to providing substantial savings our products have a quality that end user can trust.

Jet Cartridge (I) Pvt. Ltd
Mumbai Maharashtra

Contact : Ramesh Ravaria
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