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Evergrow Recycle Co., Inc. in ExchangeSystem.net

Evergrow Recycle Co., Inc.
Evergrow Recycle Company is china based subsideary located in New York. The main function is to buy and export to China for the folowing scope: 1.Scrap telephones relays & exchangers 2.Scrap telephones 3.Scrap electric meters (single & three phases ) and gas meters 4.Shredded clean PET from drinking bottles preferably transparent 5.Reusable cables in large quantity 6. Scrap cables and wires with high percentage of metal 7.Reusable print boards with thickness from 1.5 to 2.0 mm,width from 50mm,length from 400 mm.Single and both side are fine,no multi layers. 8.Scrap Nintendo playing machines 9.PC monitor housing made of ABS 10.Scrap IC chips

Evergrow Recycle Co., Inc.
Flushing New York

Contact : Louis Lou
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