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Smartech Electronic Distribution Company in ExchangeSystem.net

Smartech Electronic Distribution Company
Smartech Electronic Distribution Company
Smartech Electronic Distribution Ltd built up in 2002, with long history and credit in the Mobile phone market, we welcome partnership and cooperation with suppliers across the world. We purchase different brand of phone spare parts including: Apple, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and Nokia. Mainly focus on LCD Screen, Touch screen, Digitizer, Flex Cable, Housing, Camera modules, IC (s), Battery, Charger, Cables, Memory Card, etc. We accept different condition of cell phone spare parts, range from Original Brand New, Factory Refurbished, Tested Working, AS-IS Untested, Factory Second, Excess Inventory, Scrap etc

Smartech Electronic Distribution Company
Kowloon Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Contact : Ken Chong
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